South Derbyshire LibDems

Working Hard for You

The re-run of the South Derbyshire District Council Election for Hilton Ward resulted in the successful election of Lib Dems Grahame Andrew & Jayne Davies to South Derbyshire District Council - this is the first time our party has been represented on the council!

June 2023 saw another step forward for the Liberal Democrats in Derbyshire,

In a delayed by-election for the South Derbyshire district seat of Hilton, LibDems Grahame Andrew and Jayne Davies triumphed over the Tories. This is the first time our party has been represented on this council!

Why does this matter? As a barometer of public opinion this is important as we enter the last year before the next General Election. As in other parts of the country dubbed by the media as the 'Blue Wall', it is the LibDems that people are turning to as the effective alternative to this Tory Government.

At the next General Election we have shown ourselves to be a serious threat to the Tories in South Derbyshire.

See "Our Councillors" for details of the voting

Our Councillors